Volume 1

Ian Frampton
John Walker


Ian Frampton
John Walker
Bumper Films


Bob Wilson


George Layton
Barbara Flynn

Music by

Ben Heneghan
Ian Lawson
Maldwyn Pope


Reel Entertainment




70 mins

Followed by

Volume 2

Volume 1 is an Australian DVD released in 2005 by Reel Entertainment. It features the first six episodes of the series.


"Some people live in the country, Some people live in the city or town..."

Joshua Jones lives on a canal boat with his dog Fairport and together they take trips up and down Clearwater Canal, delivering items and carrying out tasks for the folks at Biggott's Wharf and general having a fun time on the water.

Joshua's friends include Sharon, who owns a catering van, cheery Mrs. Datsa Karia and her son Ravi, the hungarian farmer Joe Lasky, Daphne Peacock, get-rich-quick Mr. Cashmore and his not-so-money-hungry daughter Fiona, and a lovable ginger twit called Spanner.

Originated and Designed by Rob Lee.


  1. Horseplay
  2. Haywire
  3. Treasure
  4. Boomer
  5. Tortoise
  6. Sting


  • All 3 Australian DVDs feature the same images on the front cover.
  • For unknown reasons, the character voices and most animal sounds in all episodes except Tortoise are only present in the left audio channel, leaving the right channel with the music and sound effects only, however, Fairport's sounds can sometimes be heard in both channels.
  • The title of this DVD can only be seen on the disc's label.


  • Mrs. Karia and Joe Laski's names are spelt incorrectly.
  • The image of Josh on the front cover is mirrored.
  • The word generally is misspelt as "general" on the back cover's description.
  • For unknown reasons, all twelve episodes are listed on the back cover, despite the fact that this DVD only includes the first six.
  • Entertainment Rights's logo is seen on the cover, but they have never owned the rights to Joshua Jones.
  • On Treasure and Boomer, the theme song can only be heard out of the left channel, leaving the right channel with no audio.