Joshua Jones
Genre Children's
Running time 10 mins
Creators Rob Lee
Bumper Films
Writer Bob Wilson
Directors Ian Frampton
John Walker
Producers Ian Frampton
John Walker
Christopher Grace
Theresa Plummer-Andrews
Starring George Layton
Barbara Flynn
Music and Lyrics Ben Heneghan
Ian Lawson
Singer Maldwyn Pope
Country of origin Wales/United Kingdom
Original network/channel S4C (Wales) (1991)
BBC (England) (1992)
ABC (Australia) (1993)
Original run 1991 (Wales)
1992 (England)
1993 (Australia)
No. of episodes 12
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Joshua Jones was a Welsh stop-motion children's television series, made by Bumper Films (the creators of Rocky Hollow and Fireman Sam). It was originally shown on S4C in the Welsh language from 17 September to 3 December 1991; it was later translated into the English language, sold to the BBC, and shown from 7 January to 24 March 1992.

The series was about a cheerful fellow named Joshua Jones who lives on a canal boat with his canine companion Fairport. They take trips up and down Clearwater Canal, delivering items and carrying out tasks for the folks at Biggott's Wharf and generally having a fun time on the water.

Joshua's bosses are Bapu Karia, a retired Indian Admirable, Dakasha Karia, Mr Cashmore's co-worker and Bapu's daughter-in-law, and the get-rich-quick Wilton Cashmore.

Joshua's friends are Joe Laski, the Hungarian farmer who owns a horse named Trojan, Ravi Karia, Mrs. Karia's son (Admirable's grandson) and Fiona, Mr. Cashmore's not-so-money-hungry daughter.

His co-workers are: Sharon, a dizzy blonde girl who owns a catering van, Spanner, Sharon's lazy boyfriend and Daphne Peacock, the vet who takes care of sick animals.