Barbara Flynn (born Barbara Jay MacMurray, 5 August 1948, Ealing, London) is an English actress. She first became known for her role as Freda Ashton in the ITV drama series A Family at War, which followed the fortunes of a lower middle class family living in Liverpool from 1938 and throughout World War II. She also played the role of Judith Fitzgerald, the long-suffering wife of Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald, the protagonist of the British Television series Cracker. She was the milk delivery lady, Granville's unrequited love interest, in the BBC's Open All Hours.

During the 1980s Flynn's acting skills led to her being cast in several successful comedy drama television series - including the Beiderbecke Trilogy and A Very Peculiar Practice. In her own words, she tends to play "feisty, strong women".[1]

When Joshua Jones was translated into English, she provided the voices of all the female characters.

In the reality show Restaurant she is an narrator.

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